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Dr. Gholam Hossein Marvasti Cultural Foundation:

The late Dr. Gholamhossein Marvasti Cultural Foundation, in order to support the cultural heritage and civilization of the country and to encourage art students and those interested in photographing the natural, environmental, cultural and historical monuments of the country, has organized a photography competition in the above fields and hopes that the results and achievements of this important event will pave the way for the continuous holding of the biennial photography festival by this foundation.

A) Competition topics:

- Natural monuments of Iran
- Cultural heritage
- Historical and civilizational monuments and buildings of the country

B) Terms and conditions of sending photos: Dear participants must first determine their desired topic to participate in the competition and send 6 photos in the selected topic area to the secretariat of the exhibition. 3 out of 6 submitted photos must have been taken in 2020-2021. It is also necessary to mention the place and date of the photo.



Dr. Gholam Hossein Marvasti was born in Yazd in 1912. His father, Mirza Mohammad Alim Marvasti, as a teacher of religious sciences, was teaching a course of jurisprudence in the Theological School of Yazd. In the beginning years of Reza Shah and the formation of Judiciary, he joined the judiciary and continued to serve as a public prosecutor in Isfahan, Kerman and Kashan until his death.
After completing the religious sciences at Yazd Theological School on 1931, Dr Marvasti moved from Yazd to Tehran where he obtained a high school diploma. He succeeded the entering exam of medical science in the University of Tehran and continued to study medicine in that university.
After six years, he received a doctorate in medicine from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tehran, and then chose to continue his study in the field of ENT at Amir Alam Hospital under the supervision of Professor Max Meyer, a former German professor of ENT diseases. Later he left for France for further studies.
He joined the academic staff of the University of Tehran as an assistant professor and later was appointed director of the ENT clinic where he succeeded in establishing of the ENT department of the 1000-bed Pahlavi Hospital.( the current Imam Khomeini) and until his retirement, he was in charge of the above department ,which fortunately, is still continues to provide services to specialists and surgeons in this field. ...

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